Thursday, February 28, 2013

More on "The Exterminator"

I posted this picture yesterday and a few people mentioned that they have never heard of The Exterminator.

Here is a link to the Wikipedia story about him, but it is not near as good as the book I had as a girl called
"Old Bones The Wonder Horse" which was illustrated by Wesley Dennis. A wonderful rags to riches story about the worlds ugliest race horse, who was able to continue racing and winning until age 9. That is pretty old for a race horse.

Also, yesterday I said that the picture of the Goldophin Arabian was illustrated by Charles Farley and I was incorrect on that. It was actually done by George Ford Morris (I was thinking Walter Farley when I said "Charles Farley, but Walter Farley of course is the Author of The Black Stallion series).  Marguerite Henry wrote a book about the Goldophin Arabian called King of The Wind, illustrated by Wesley Dennis, which I also had as a kid, but I have read that most of that story is made up or based on assumptions rather than fact.  I have located a  more accurate story about him here.

As a kid I loved loved loved to read. Always books about horses or dogs.  Of course I read all the Black Stallion Books, (my favorite was the Black Stallion and The Girl and The Black Stallions Ghost) All the Billy and Blaze books, and then My absolute favorite was Tam the Untamed by Mary Ewlyn Patchett.  Of course we cannot forget all the wonderful books by Marguerite Henry, Misty of ChincoteagueJustin Morgan had a Horseand the Album of Horses.  I read many of her books, loved them all.  I also read all the books by Albert Payson Terhune, like Lad a Dog.   I still have some of these wonderful books, and have started finding copies of the ones I had lost.

If you have a minute, please tell me what your favorite books were as a child?


  1. Oh, I loved reading as a child too, still do really! I read most of those horse stories as well, but I was also a fan of the Nancy Drew mystery stories. Loved them! And there was this big, hardbound book called Uncle Remus and the Tar Baby...loved it!! Wish I could find a copy of that many to try and remember. In grade school, there was the Scholastic Book Club, periodically you would get flyers from which you could order books. That and our library was how I got most of my books. Wonder if they still have those?

    1. Nancy Drew and Uncle REmus! yes I read those as well. We had the scholastic book club too, I loved it! My son brings home a book sale flyer about once a year, but I don't think it is the same as what we had when we were kids.

      I still like to read. I am reading Cutter by Laura Crum right now.