Monday, February 25, 2013

How to Tell When it is Cold

When you look out the window and the horses are not standing at the gate for breakfast like they usually know it is cold.

When you go out to leave for work and the only vehicles that will start are the old Dodge Diesels, and even those require cycling the glow plugs 3 times to get any know it is cold

When you have to pry your pick up doors up with a screw driver because they have frozen know it is cold.

When your cd player in said pickup cannot read a disc because the "eye" is frozen in one know it is cold.

When you go to get the step stool you need to stand on to scrape your windows (because you insist on driving lifted vehicles)and it is frozen to the bed of the pick know it is cold out.

When your icicles have icicles... you know it is cold out.

When your teenage opts for wearing a jacket for warmth, over looking cool for his classmates...You really know it is cold out!


  1. Hahaha, bet this morning when you were in said cold feeding the horses you were dreaming of Arizona!

    1. Actually it was when I was trying to get any one of the 6 vehicles we have started. Then the whole trying to scrape the windows while wearing high heeled boots, wasn't much fun either. TC was nice enough to feed for me this morning. He's a good guy.