Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Miss Revlon update

I have spoken of Revlon a few times.  She is the paint mare I bought for 600 dollars and then gave away.  I have never regretted my decision to give her away, because her new owner is wonderful.

These are pictures of Revlon the day I found her.  Not abused by any means, in fact her owner cried when I took her home. And not a bad girl, but more horse than I could handle for sure. I just didn't realize it at the time.  Her biggest problem was that she had been allowed to do what ever she wanted her whole life.  She was pushy and bossy and very very stubborn. I worked with her and tried my best to teach her to be better, and I did teach her a lot, but I did not have the time or the knowledge to take her very far.

If ever God had intervened in a horses life, it was with Revlon. Nicole and I did not know each other, her husband worked for a customer of mine. She happened to be there in my customers office when I was making small talk over the phone, while I looked up some parts. I was joking when I asked if he knew anyone that wanted a free horse,  but he asked her, and the next thing you know we were texting and she was on her way to get her.  It was a God thing for sure!

This next set of pictures have all been taken since she went to live with Nicole. I have come to adore Nicole, and have a ton of respect for her as a horse woman. She has done great things with Rev, and always keeps me updated. One of those updates came today....

...Today I got a text and I quote
"Just some good news for Revlon, she is doing great. She got hurt when we moved (to NE) here, tore her leg up but healed up great and doing wonderful. She went to her first Rodeo the other day. She didn't run but  with the noises and people she did great.  Barrel horse she is going to be and I have been doing cow work on her too. She has turned into a great horse, me and her have bonded so much.  She doesn't like anyone else, not even people that board at my barn. Everyone says I am crazy. As soon as summer comes around you will get video's. I love her so much, best mare I have ever owned."

Its texts like this that make my day!


  1. She was/is cute. She was wonderful when I had her until you wanted her to do something that she didn't feel like doing. Then she was all flying hooves!
    I guess she has gotten over that now, but she sure did face plant me enough times!

  2. Ok she is seriously a beautiful mare. She definitely looks like a handful though! I'm glad she has found 'her person' she's probably a much happier mare now! And I'm glad your able to look at it and be happy and not feel like maybe if you'd kept at it, she would have worked for you, clearly this mare was meant for this girl!

    1. Oh Yeah! After that third face plant in one day, I knew this was not the horse for me.
      God really works in mysterious ways, by putting Revlon with Nicole, where she clearly belongs, it opened up the door for Trax to be with me, where HE clearly belongs.

  3. Isn't that awesome when things go well with horses that you re-home!!! She looks great too, so much better than the first pics. I love it when people love their horses, AND put them to good use!! Makes me so happy!! She's a pretty mare, love her markings. :)

    So, call me crazy...thinking of taking on a lame mare. Thought she was going with someone else, but I just got the call that they worked her hard on cows today, she hasn't been ridden since last summer, and she's limping on the RF. Had been previously diagnosed "navicular", but corrective shoeing alone kept her sound. The gal did cattle sorting and trails with her, and she hasn't had any problems for several years. The lady took her for a trial with her "trainer" today and they obviously pushed her too hard. Waiting now to hear just how lame she is and trying to decide if we want to take her on. The owner will give us the mare, $500, and her 2 blankets, halter and lead because they're moving to NC 1 week from today. Good I crazy or what?? Thing is, working for a vet that specializes in lameness, I'm thinking I've got the best shot at getting her sound again. Help!!

    1. Yes, you are crazy, but you are right, working for a lameness vet, makes it easier for sure. But let me get this straight, they are going to pay you to take her??

  4. I love the name Revlon -- perfect for that eyeliner / mascara look she has.