Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Danny- the beginning

I was scrolling through my pictures on FB looking for something specific, when I ran cross a couple of albums that I had forgot all about.
These are the earliest pictures of Danny, so I thought I would share them with you.  Warning: there are a lot of them!

This one was taken the day that my Mom brought him home.  She paid $100.00 for him.  Note the green grass and trees.  He was in Rainier Oregon then. Which is where he lived for about 3 years.

These three were taken the first time I ever rode him.  I can see that my stirrups were too short.   Do I look nervous?  I should because I was.  It was the first time he had been ridden in 2 years, it was the first time I had ridden in 5 years (atleast) and I had never ridden a horse with stringhalt before so it really took some getting used too, and yes, I held onto the saddle horn because frankly, its like riding a bike with triangle wheels.

Then my mom lost her house, and had to move.  She did not have a place to keep him so I said I would give him a home. I contracted a transport service and paid $600.00 to have him brought to me.  Many folks said I was crazy to spend that much on a cripple horse.   To this day, I know I made the right decision.

These three were taken the day he got to his new home in WY.  I'm sure he was wondering what happened to all the grass!

About 6 months after that, my husband and I split up. I moved to a little trailer on five acres, with my two boys, my dog Mason, and Danny. I had to string fence and build him a shelter, which I was able to do with some help.  He had pretty much the whole property to run on and there were 4 horses next door including a mare which he loved.

so handsome

He says- hey boy that tickles! 

I wish my hair was still that long! 

I have always loved this pic as he looks like a normal horse in it. 

I think this is his profile pic on his blog. 

Looking very regal

We didn't stay there long though, about 9 months.   TC and I started dating, fell in love and he asked me to move in with him. He hated my little trailer, especially since the water well was very shallow and not even fit to drink.  But before we moved, the boys and I had a wonderful summer there.  It was at the very end of the same main road I live off of now, but because it was so far out there was much more room for riding.  I rode him quite a bit, as did Simon and his friend Patrick.

This was the first time Simon ever rode him without me leading him

They did really well together

After we rode we hosed him down, he really liked it
That is Patrick, my little red headed step child. 

Danny says: hey boy, get a little closer with those candies!

Got any more????

No Candies, no petting!
I don't know what Danny's life was like before my mom found him, I don't know what he did, or what his job was. What I do know is that he was someones special guy once. Even with his age, I am still amazed at how handsome he is.  I can just imagine what he was like back in his prime!  Oh sure, he gets a little unruly or pushy if you let him. But he is the easiest horse to get along with. Just a sweet old guy, happy to have a home.  Between food, and vet bills, and transport costs, I have quite a bit of money into him, but it has been worth every penny!


  1. He must be a special horse for you to keep him in the family even through turbulent times. Nowadays it seems people are constantly being forced to lighten their loads. I laughed about your saddle horn comment. When my trainer starts moving my horses' feet from the ground when I am in the saddle, she tells me to hang onto the horn since I have no idea which way she is going to move the horse. The first time she said that, I was like, "Huh?" I totally forgot that a saddle has a horn and I rode with my hand on it for the first time. I realized that it is helpful in keeping my balance, especially when spinning in tight circles.

    1. Hi Nuz,
      Yes sometimes that horn comes in handy! Yes he truly is a very special horse. Hopefully I never get to the point where I can't afford to have so many horses, but if I do, he will stay no matter what.

  2. I can definitely understand how you feel about Danny. My horse AJ is very special to me even though he's been retired and can't be ridden much at all. It's been that way since he was six years old (he's 26 now!) and people always ask why in the world we kept a horse we couldn't ride. Because we love him! :)

    Danny is a very handsome boy!

  3. Danny looks like he's really thrived in your care.

  4. what a lovely horse, glad he landed with you