Saturday, February 16, 2013

Deal of the Week

Today I made the mistake of going to the tack store. I was bored.  I should never go when I am bored.
I ended up trading Simon's 20 year old Circle Y roping saddle and 200 bucks for this practically brand new Circle Y flex tree saddle. And this one come with a breast collar and rear cinch!

I love Circle Y saddles but I did not really care for Simon's roping saddle. It just didn't fit me, and it only fit one of our horses, the lame one who isn't broke.   I sat in this saddle and it fits me like a glove.  If Simon rode more than once a year, I wouldn't have done the deal. But he doesn't and I do, so I did it, and I haven't told him, and when he does finally figure it out, he can just get over it.  Besides he can ride in this one just as easily I am sure.

Being a flex tree, I will be able to use it on all the horses a little bit easier.


  1. Congrats on the new saddle! It looks like it will be comfy. I've had a couple different Circle Y flex trees and I liked them both.

  2. Oh, you'll love that saddle. My favorite saddle is a Circle Y, and I often think about getting another just for the sake of having a second one, but I don't really need one. Any time I find a product I love, I always worry that I should buy several before they get replaced by some new model or brand.

  3. My regular saddle that I use on Trax is also a Circle Y and I have loved it from day 1. It is not a flex tree though, just a show saddle. It fits me good and fits my horse perfect. It has double cinch rings in the front which I have to have for Trax. He has very tender skin where the cinch goes and being able to move it back some makes all the difference for him.
    The reason I got this saddle is because I do need more than one saddle for me. I do all the riding on four horses. I generally take 2 at a time, and I have been having to use either TC's saddle on the second horse (which I absolutely hate-it is a 17.5" seat and I swim in it) Or Simon's little saddle which I fit in ok, but being a roping saddle the stirrups were pretty far forward. I like these two because the stirrups are right where I need them to be to ride comfy.
    The final deciding factor...Hey I pay for all these saddles and there for it is my decision. Period LOL!

  4. Wow, congrats on your new saddle! I'm trying to save up for one as well, great find!