Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Percheron needs good home

Most people who read my blog will have already seen this, but in the interest of reaching even one person who hasn't, I will repost again
There is a beautiful percheron in need of a home. He does have some fear issues, and a some baggage he needs help working through.  He will need a good solid trainer for sure.



  1. Hopefully faran is able to find a good home. Percherons can be worth a fair bit of money, a good trainer should be able to 'rehab' him (in the sense of his mind and training) and sell him, you would think that would be something a trainer would be interested in! Just a matter of having the right person knowing about him!

    1. I hope she can find a home for him too, but then there are a lot of "free" horses out there in the world without problems. So she may end up having to go with plan B.
      But hopefully thanks to technology today, she will be able to reach alot more people about finding a home for him.