Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Other Peoples Horses and Horses of History

Since I don't have anything cool to post on my own silly ponies, here is another picture of some different friends horses that I think are super cool.
I do not know this horses name, but he belongs to the same guy we got Killian from.
I swear he looks like he is spray painted but Chris assures me that he isn't. 

This is Gumbo. He also belongs to Chris.
Last I knew he was for sale. Good horse. 

This is Checkers.  I went one day to look at a palamino for sale
who ended up being pretty much crippled and unsafe.
Same guy also had Checkers for sale. I rode him bareback, I rode him
with a saddle, I fell in love. I was prepared to buy him on
the spot, but his owner had someone making a long trip to look at him
and he promised that person that he would not sell till he got there.
That guy ended up buying him. I was so sad. 
This old guy is "Red".  He belongs to a friends dad, who almost sold him
to Simon. I was prepared to sell Sassy (before she went lame) to buy this guy.
Mostly because he is the ultimate in kid safe, and he and Simon really connected.
At the last minute he decided to keep him and still has him to this day. 
This is Cool, one of my friend Jays horses. This is the day he brought him home.
I wish I had a more recent picture of him, because he is all grown up and
seriously drop dead gorgeous. 

These three big boys (and girls) live where I got Trax from.
They are polo horses, and they are huge!
In this picture they are watching me ride Trax.

Lets talk about a few horses from history.
Her are a couple of my very favorites:

Zantanon, one of the founding fathers of todays Quarter Horses.
He is one of my favorites. I don't know why for sure.
When I was a very young girl I had a book on Quarter horses and this picture was in there.
His story is pretty cool. He was a mexican race horse, and won almost every time.
Then was retired and a QH breeder found him half starved on his owners lot.
The breeder ended up buying him and kept him from then on.

This is the Goldophin Arabian, said to be one of the founding fathers of Arabians.
This drawing I think is by Charles Farley

How many of you have heard of "The Exterminator"?
Another book I had as a girl was the story of this great racehorse.
If I recall correctly he was never beaten. 
And of course, who doesn't remember the great Man O' War.
I had a book about him as well. 
So those are my random horse pics today.
I'm curious to know, who is your favorite horse from history?


  1. That first horse is so cool what color is that even considered? Crazy!

  2. The first horse is a really interesting colour, I love it though!

  3. Wow, that Exterminator horse has some long legs!! Man O'War is on my little Appaloosa mare Kadie's papers, about 6 generations back I think. We always joke around and claim that is where her son, Ladde (our big, white boy) got his size from! He's a full 17 hands and weighs around 1500 lbs. from a femininely built 15 hand little mare. Either that, or it was the Equine Junior we used to feed him. :) I love learning stories about famous old-time horses. Cool post!

  4. I've never seen a horse colored like that first pic. That's wild!

  5. I dont know if I have a favorite horse from history. Man O war is on some of my horses pedigrees as are Whirlaway (who BTW died in France after Breeding his last mare, Good way for the old fella to go) And the little Canadian hero Northern Dancer. More recently the Cinderella story of Hickstead, another Canadian icon

  6. Oh wow, that first horse is seriously incredible. My favorite part is his mane. Like, if you saw a picture straight on and a picture from the side you wouldn't think it was the same horse! I've never heard of the exterminator, but man oh man those legs! I think they look longer because the jockey doesn't have his legs around his sides, so it just doesn't look the way you would see most horses, but still! wow! Imagine taking a fall from way up there :)

    Those three polo horses are adorable, they seriously look like drafts! I always thought polo horses were smallish....I guess I could be completely off about that though!

    Great post!