Monday, February 4, 2013

Dr. Jykel and Mr. Hyde

I some times feel that Killian has a split personality.

He is such a big sweet easy going guy. He is the only one that is safe for little tiny kids to be on.  He loads like a dream, stand quietly when you do things to him, is just an all around good horse.

Then he turns into the biggest bully ever.  Girls and food will bring out the bully in him with a quickness.  It doesn't bother me if he bully's Trax.  He couldn't catch Trax if his life depended on it and Trax will fight back if cornered.  I don't even mind that he bully's the mare. After all, someone needs to put her in her place when she gets too big for her britches.   I guess I understand why he bully's Danny. After all Sassy was Danny's first and K took her, so now he feels like he needs to keep from having her taken back.  It is herd dynamics I know.  I still just wish he would leave Danny alone.  Of course knowing Danny, there is probably much more to the story than K just being a bully. I'm sure Danny goes over and talks smack too.

Anyway, here are a couple of pics of K being good.

I showed her how to do some ground work first.

Then we worked on turning with some figure eights around poles

Then she rode him over the bridge. 
I put a set of Mecates on him so that she could rein him but I would still have control if needed.  It worked out very well like that.  My rein was always lose but I was confident that (heaven forbid) he should spook, or decided to try to take control, I could step in.  Rachel did very well with him although the saddle was too large for her, so getting her to keep her hands in "the box" was kind of an issue.  I think her mom is going to find her a kids saddle.  I'm sure it will look silly on K but since her rides are very short he can deal with it for a little bit.  Still she worked hard on sliding her hands down the reins to ask for a turn and using her feet for cues too.

After I worked with her some I had her mom walk with her around the arena while I rode Trax.  He did surprisingly well. He is still coke bottling on his spins, but gosh darn he is trying.  We cantered and he never once tried to pick up speed or run off with me. He kept so nice and collected (in his speed, not at the poll) so I didn't bother even making him go faster.  He gave me some wonderful side passes, and backed up so easy.  I called it quits before he had barely even started to sweat.  I figured we could both use an easy day.

After that we loosened the cinches on both and walked them around to "cool down" Not that K needed it, but I want to get Rachel in the habit of it.  I put them in front and Trax and I walked behind. That way I could keep an eye on them and keep K moving if needed. It was so funny to watch him.  He dropped his head and his ears and eyes were on her the whole time.  He was so careful not to step on her.  If she sped up, so did he. If she slowed down, so did he.

I'm telling you, that big fat lazy horse is worth his weight in gold.

Except when he is a bully, then he isn't worth  ten cents!  (I'm kidding)

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  1. Some geldings are just 'that guy" awesome with people, with other horses...
    looks like I have fallen behind! oops! got lots of reading to do