Saturday, February 16, 2013

Trax tells his side of the Story

Hi Nice Ladies.
Trax here to tell you all what really happened last night.   My lady is nice and all but, she doesn't remember things well, and that story she told you was not even close to how it happened.

First she gave me food, but I only got 2 bites before she made me leave!   Okay well maybe it was more than 2 but seriously, I like to take my time and savor the moment, and she was standing there all toe tapping, making me hurry up. Sheeesh!

Then she took me to the trailer and made me wear all that stuff that I don't really care for. But it helps her stay on me, so I wear it for her.

When she put me in the trailer I yelled to my herd, "You suckers better not eat my dinner!"

We drove for hours and hours, or maybe it was 20 min, I don't really know for sure. But it seemed like hours.

We went to a place that was similar to places I have been before.  I have been to these places when I lived with those other peoples, and we chased the cows around and threw ropes at them.  I could smell that cows had been there, but there were not any this night.  I did check every single little cage just to be sure though.  I checked them every single time we walked past them, just to be safe.

There were lots of other horses there, and they were making a lot of noise. They were yelling back and forth across the big building, so I yelled at them to hold it down, they were getting pretty noisy. They didn't listen though, so then I just ignored them.  It was really warm in the big building and I got warm and sweaty really quick. 

When my lady got on me we walked in big circles and then met up with another nice lady on a very pretty little mare.  I really don't care much about mares, but this one seemed very nice and we wanted to be friends, but the other nice lady said that her pretty mare was not allowed to socialize.  But we snuck little peeks at each other when ever we could.  She kind of reminded me of Brickster only not as clingy.  I think she thought I was handsome...which I am.

Then my lady wanted to play tug of war.  I don't really like this game, but I give it my best shot.  She pulled on the metal thing in my mouth and I pulled back as hard as I could.  My lady is very strong though and finally I gave in and dropped my head.  We played this game a few times and then I realized that she was really just asking me to keep my head down.  I guess she was trying to fly under the radar. So I kept my head down because I like to do as she asks...even when she makes me leave my dinner.

There were some other animals there too, they looked kind of like horses, and smelled kind of like horses, but they had really big ears and funny tails, and one of them had on a full gladiator costume!  I was afraid that maybe he had a sword or something in there so I wanted to stay away. I tried to take my lady far away from the gladiator horse type thing,  but she was curious and wanted to go closer. Against my better judgement we went closer and followed the gladiator around.    She told me that these things were called mules.  I don't know if I like mules or not.

About this time my nerves got the better of me and I started having runny poop. I was so embarrassed!  It was bad enough that all the other horses were shiny and clean and had nice short coats (they had to be cold though), but then I had poop on my butt!!

When we were done I was very sweaty so we walked around a while. I don't know why but the other nice lady we rode with was on the ground.  We talked to her for a while, but she didn't look ok..  I stayed with my lady while she stayed with her friend and we walked xtra slow for her.  Sometimes I thought another horse was going to step on her so I got in their way.  I saved her.

When we left to come home my lady realized that she forgot to grab a blanket. I was still kind of wet and it was a cold ride home. But when we got home she got me all cozy in a warm blanket and gave me extra food!  Luckily the rest of my herd left my food alone or I would have had to put the smack down on them!

Extra food or not....I don't like working at dinner time!

Here is a picture of me after our ride.  I think it makes me look sweatier than I was because she wiped me down with a wet rag to get some of the sweat off.

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