Tuesday, February 5, 2013

EC day 20

Your favorite Horse show.

I don't have one yet, because I haven't been in one yet.   At this point I am not sure if I ever will.

I'm feeling pretty torn about whether or not I should even continue on with my attempts at the Ranch Horse Competition.  I was told today that  my horse doesn't have what it takes.  I was told that it is a direct result of being over exposed, being roped on too hard, long before he was ready, and now he is just too scared of things. I was told that this is the reason why he struggles with everything I try to teach him.

I thought, all things considered, he was coming along nicely. I guess I thought wrong.  I was not told that my lack of experience only makes it worse, but I didn't need to be told that.  I already knew that.  I'm trying to learn, but it is hard to do on my own.

Sometimes it is hard to hear the truth.

So, maybe it is time to just give up.
Maybe it is best if my ponies and I just stick to trails and stuff like that.

OR maybe its time for a new trainer.


  1. I absolutely think you should continue with what you were doing!! Showing is fun, and even if you don't do it at a crazy high level, thats ok! I think that even if trax has had bad experiences previously, and you may not be as experienced in that area as others, who cares! Its a new beginning, for you and your horse as a team.

    To be completely honest, I don't know what a ranch horse competition is. But most shows, who cares if your the best at it, as long as you get out there and give you and your horse a good experience. It will be tougher with a horse that is fearful, but it will make your bond so much better. Also, I think that if there is anything that you want to do, go ahead and try it. Never abstain from doing something because of what someone will think of you.

    Who cares if your horse isn't perfect at it! As long as your not putting him in a bad situation (which him being scared/out of his comfort zone is NOT a bad situation for him) then work towards a goal that you can be proud you accomplished.

    I don't think that any trainer should put you down. Telling you that your horse isn't going to be great at it, and you will have a tougher time because of it, thats different then telling you that you and your horse can't do it.

    Believe in yourself, and your horse!

    1. Thank you.
      I can't believe that he meant it too be mean or too put me down. I think he was just being honest in what he see's. I asked his opinion and he gave it to me. Now it could be that he sees something I do not, or perhaps he has a higher standard than I do. In fact I know that he has a higher standard than I do.
      As it turns out, just a few minutes after I posted this I got a call from a gal that I maybe talk to twice a year. It seems we have some sort of connection, because when ever one calls the other it is, "Hey I was just thinking, or talking, about you." Well sure enough I was just sitting here thinking of who could recommend a new trainer, and she was one of the people I thought of. She gave me two numbers. So maybe it was meant to be.

    2. That's so funny! Hopefully it was meant to be!

      I think that sometimes certain people have a tough time understanding people that have lower expectations. You could go to the competition and do a great job, and since your horse isn't a 25 thousand dollar horse, and your not a professional, something that feels great to you would still not have the same level that other people (perhaps a trainer) would expect out of themselves.

      For example, have you ever known someone that has their own horses and has never even cantered on them? They just walk/trot. I knew one woman, and it just blew me away that she never asked or wanted more. And she was fully happy with that. But, the way a higher level professional sees us, they may not necessarily realize that we are happy with where we are! I can go to a gymkhana and lope, I don't need a nice bred AQHA and to run a 15 second time, but a barrel racer would have a tough time understanding that.

      That might help you see where your trainer is coming from, and maybe finding a different trainer that understands that you don't want perfection, just a good time, will be a great match for you!

  2. Sounds like you have a challenge ahead of you. But if you're enjoying the journey, why quit? Maybe you won't make it to a competition this year. Maybe you will. But you and Trax will both learn a lot along the way, and he might just be able to overcome his obstacles with someone who loves him as his partner. Just make sure you don't get too focused on the goal and rush him. And make sure your trainer is on the same page.

  3. I vote for a new trainer, if in fact your horse is truly burnt out fine , but I would suspect there are options for his learning still . Your journey , your choice, but...

  4. Thank you everyone.
    I have decided to keep trying, I'm not in it for the big money winnings. I'm in it to become a better rider, to help my horse get over his past, and for the fun. I'm in it to say, "Hey, I tried this and did ok." Or to say, "Hey I tried this and failed miserably, but I learned alot, and had a good time."

    TC says I read more into "dude's" answer than what he meant. I don't really think I did, but maybe. I think in his mind, my horse is broken. But he doesn't know my horse like I do. Yes he does struggle, but he never quits trying either. I think he was broken at one time, it is evident in his reactions to certain things, but I also feel like he has been healing.

  5. Here is my opinion for what it is worth. Trax might not be winning material in the Ranch Horse world, but that is okay. I applied for the Extreme Mustang Makeover in 2008. I was not a horse trainer and even tho I knew I could gentle mustangs, I sure didn't know if I could train one to ride in 3 months then go show them with all the other trainers. I had never shown a horse a day in my life. One of my main goals was to show people that anybody can do it with a little bit of patience, time and want-to. Tripp and I were bottom 10 instead of top 10, but that was okay. We had a blast and it was a great experience.

    I see you doing what I did. You and Trax are showing those of us who are not professionals or perfect or comfortable in a show ring that there is a place for us too. We don't have to be competing for the big money...we just need to have fun and strive to get better.

    Have fun, keep up the good work, and keep us posted. :-)