Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ranch Sort continued

These two pictures are of my friend and her horse Fawn. Fawn is only 3.

My next favorite horse to watch was a pretty little strawberry roan.  She actually looks smaller than she is in these pictures, because the gal who rode her was about 6' tall.  One of the things I thought was cool about this horse, besides her ability to work a cow, was that outside she was as calm as could be.  At one point her owner was riding her around the staging area without a bridle or anything on. She just had the reins looped around her chest.  It was a cool thing to watch.

Isn't she pretty?
I have one more horse to show you.  I never got to see him run, but I had to take his picture. I spent some time talking with his rider too.

Does he remind you of any body?  I'm not just talking about the color of his face.  This horse is built so much like Trax it is almost eerie. They have identical big strong solid feet, same bone structure, and the same look in the eye. I would even say they are about the same height. They even move the same.  This horses name is Duece, and he is a registered paint. He is also 17, and was a stud horse until he was 7.  Trax is about 10 or 11. They both come from the same part of the state. His owner was very nice,we talked for quite a while. She told me that he is the most wonderful  horse she has ever had.  Just calm and quiet until its time to work, but stamina for days if you need it.  We joked a little that maybe he is Trax's dad.  She couldn't say for sure as he was gelded when she got him, but it says on his papers when he was gelded.   I don't know why I am still searching to find out where Trax came from. It won't change anything, but it just seems like a horse like him should have been registered at one time.

So the day is still early but I probably still won't ride.  It just doesn't seem fair to make them work and get hot and sweaty and then throw them back out into a cold pasture. Hopefully it will warm up a little this week.  Keeping my fingers crossed!


  1. That strawberry roan sounds awesome! And your friends horse is super cute, I love the coloring.

    That is seriously awesome about the paint! Can you look up the registry of his foals? Makin Trax sounds like a registered name, not just a given name. What was the paints name? I bet you could definitely find out more information. I don't blame you, I would LOVE to find ponys baby. Why? Not like it has any worth to it, it just would be really cool! (Especially because pony has the paint gene in her so her baby is a little paint pony!)

    1. Marissa, she did tell me Deuces registered name, but I have already forgotten what it is. As far as Trax, when I got him he didn't even have a name. His 3 previous owners always just called him "The Paint Horse". I am the one who gave him the name "Makin Trax". I have been able to trace his ownership back to an auction he was sold at, but only through brand inspections and hand written bills of sale. To all of these people, Trax was a throw away, none of them really cared about him, none of them took the time to understand what it takes to connect with him. Yet to me he is the most wonderful perfect horse in the world. I love him inspite of and because of all of his baggage. I love him because he appreciates my willingness to listen to him and he shows it by trying so hard to understand what I am asking. It makes me so sad to think that he spent 10 years of his life not having a single person really give a crap about him. I do have one more person I would like to contact in trying to trace back where he came from. I just haven't done it yet because I'm starting to think it really doesn't matter. He is a gelding, so have registration papers really won't mean much other than to tell me who his ancestors are.

  2. That looks like fun!! I'd be curious too, but then again...they are who they are. I used to be pretty set on finding out about my Mustang's past, history of what happened to cause him to be so fearful, and the cause of those whip marks on his rump. But, I decided to just let it all go and work with him where he was at today. Chances are, I'd not like what I found out.
    I just love roan horses, so pretty!