Tuesday, February 19, 2013

From My Herd to Yours

I thought I'd bring you all along for my morning "chores"  (like feeding my ponies is ever a chore)

Danny says: Oh look we have company. Hi Nice ladies- Good morning!
Um, I'm not seeing any food buckets yet. 
Trax says: You can't see me but I'm watching you
Sassy Says: Hi Nice Ladies, watcha doin? Got any Candies?
Wanna see how fast I can run?
It's really cold out today.  Do you have breakfast?
Can I check your pockets?   Can we go for a walk today?
Did you see the bunny?  There is frost on my gate.
I tried to lick it, it was really cold.  Do you have candies? 

Killian says:  Good morning ladies! Are you impressed
by my size and obvious leader ship skills?
Would like to see me chase the old guy around?

Me: NO Killian! We would not!
(he did manage to give Danny the stink eye though)

Trax says: Oh Good morning Nice Ladies, I did not realize it was you.
Do you wanna see my scar?
I think it makes me look tough.

Me: It does make you look tough Trax.
Danny says:  I realize you have a blog to post on and stuff,
but really our breakfast is much more important
and I still don't see any buckets!

Me:  Danny stop being rude in front of company. 

It was about 8 degrees out this morning. Brrrrr!  Every morning 2 horses get out for the day. But whose ever turn it is to stay in, gets to come out while I scoop the food in the morning, just in case they are really feeling the need to roll, or to go kick up their heels. Killian never goes to roll during that time. He follows me to the man door and waits for his food. Sassy usually skitters around a little, but then also comes to the door. Then they follow back to their pens. Trax almost always hits his favorite dirt spot the minute I open the gate, and so does Danny.  They do not come to the door, but Trax always comes to me for his "treat before breakfast".  When he came to me such a solitary soul I started always taking one cube out and hand feeding it to him first. Now he always comes and asks for it.  Not pushy, just waits patiently until I hand it to him.

We had a little bit of snow yesterday. Some times Wyoming has the strangest looking snow.

It looks more like Styrofoam balls than snow. 

I finally got my decal on the window, it looks fantastic. 

Remember to go to Buckstitch Beckys to get your own cool decal.  Her prices are more than reasonable and she does a great job.

So good morning to all of you and your herds, from me and all of my herd!  Hope you all have a wonderful day.


  1. Nice looking herd you have there! Are they chatty when they see you coming with breakfast?

    The decal looks great!!

    1. Oh Yeah, lots of nickers and an occasional whinney