Monday, February 11, 2013

The Basement

Well, I'm not quite done, but close enough to take a few pics.
So here they are. You will probably have to click on them to make them bigger to really see anything.

 You may notice that there is a big empty spot above the TV where a picture should be.
I have a very special one coming that I think is going to look great there.  Once I get it I will share it.

 I never had a pellet stove until we moved into this house.  I love love love them!

 Many of my basement rooms have a ledge that goes around the rooms. I don't know why it is there, except 
because who ever built this house was odd.  They are cool for putting stuff on but can be a hassle for furniture.
I obviously need more things for my ledge.

This is the tan wall which leads down the hallway to the stairs and the bedrooms.  This wall almost matches the rest of the hall. Its not very exciting but I wanted to show the colors. 

I took some pictures of some of my favorite things I have in there right now. 

 This is an original water color painting I found at a little store in a tiny town called Lingle.  I saw it once but couldn't afford it. When I went back a year later it was still there and half price! 

 I got this at a yard sale.  I don't smoke but just thought it was too cool!
 I got this very awesome painting at the same yard sale from an old cowgirl who was selling off everything she owned to move to Alaska, live in a travel trailer, and work at a little place, doing ranch work.
Of course I had to have the matching cookie jar also.

So there it is, my big basement project.  I still have to fix the spots where I painted the ceiling blue, and get some furniture down there.  But I really think I like the way it turned out.


  1. When you were talking about your basement I was imagining this dark place with low ceilings. It doesn't look like that at all! I like the blue, it reminds me of denim and I think it goes really well with all the western decor. My hat is off to you - that's a big project and it looks like you did a great job!

  2. Yeah I agree with Andrea! Great job! It looks cozy and livable, I imagined a scary concrete dark dank room, then again, we don't have basements in California :)

  3. Thanks Ladies,
    It was a big project, and I am still sore from the trips up and down the ladders, but it was worth it! Every time I go down there I am a little happier with how it turned out.
    It is really a very cool house, built into the side of a hill so it is a walk out basement. If you look at the tan wall you can see the door that goes out to the back yard around the corner. Because of that design it gives the option of nice windows which really light up the room. Luckily the basement was "finished" when we moved in. It has 3 bedrooms, a bath and the room I just did, just in the basement. Upstairs there are 2 more bedrooms and 2 baths. Oh and of course the kitchen, dining area, and another living room. The only down side to this house is that it is what they call a "split level" design. This means you are going up or down stairs the minute you walk in the door. Not a big deal for young people, but as we get older its not near as much fun!