Thursday, February 21, 2013

Today's Young Women

I wanted to write a very inspiring post about some of the amazing young women (under 25) I have come to know lately. Some through blogging, some through Facebook, and some through my own sons.

Every time I try to write it, I am at a loss of words to described how impressed by these gals.
(hopefully they will read this and know who they are- I have told each and every one you)

They are motivated, confident, taking action, most of all taking responsibility for their own lives.

They are role models.

They are the women I wish I had been at that age.

Hell, they are the women I wish I was now!

When I think that these are the women who will be taking control of the world some day, suddenly I find myself with hope for the future.


  1. Cindy, I agree. And I'm thankful for it. I think I might know at least of one of those young women to which you're referring. There are so many times I think back and wish I would have done things differently, or had more confidence to speak up in certain situations...if only. :)
    Have a nice weekend.